Picture 218.5.

The loops and layover areas at the foot of Canal Street, looking away from the river from the elevated walkway to the ferries, some time in the mid to late 1920s.  Streetcar traffic is light; perhaps it is a Sunday.  Only four streetcars are in sight.  The nearest, at the right, is arch-roof car 804, probably serving the St. Charles or Tulane Belt line.  It has traversed the outer loop, and is taking a layover before beginning its next outbound trip.  This car is practically new, having been delivered from the Brill plant in 1923.  The other three cars are deck-roof “Palace” cars, St. Louis Car Co. products dating from 1902.  The nearest is car 621, signed for the Canal line.  There is an early NOPSI bus parked at the curb at our left.  The little shed seen here was fated to be burned in the strike that began in July 1929.

Compare this view to Pictures 244 ff and 302.3 through 333, especially Picture 330.5, in Part 4, after the 1929-1930 rebuilding of Canal Street.


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