Pictures 219 and 220.

These aerial pictures look out toward the lake from the corner of Canal and Rampart, which is seen in the foreground of the upper picture (postmarked 1921).  In the lower picture, we can follow Canal for many blocks out toward the lake.  Note that the paved neutral ground gives way to grass at Liberty Street, and four blocks further out (at Claiborne) the neutral ground begins to have trees.  The five-track section extends out almost to Claiborne, where the two outer tracks turn onto N. Claiborne (our right in this view), and only the two inner tracks extend out from there on Canal Street.  Note the Southern Railway depot on the right, facing Canal Street.  Despite the caption on the lower picture, the French Quarter is out of the picture to the photographer's right. C. T. American Art (upper), E. C. Kropp Co. (lower)

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