Picture 225.5.

A similar view of Canal Street, from a photo taken in the later 1930s or possibly the early '40s.  The nearest car is 417 at the St. Charles/Royal intersection, on Tulane Belt.  It has just turned in from Carondelet Street one block back.  The next nearest car is probably an 800, on Gentilly or Desire, with an 800 (probably) and a 400 nearby, passing each other.  Further out are more cars, including at least one more 400 (with the advertising sign on the "wrong" side of the front dash).  The car on the outer track, heading toward the river, would be an 800 on the St. Charles Belt, bound for Baronne St., or perhaps a 900 on Jackson.  All the 400s in sight would be Tulane Belt cars.  There's a bus turning from Canal into Burgundy.


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