Picture 229.

This 1930s view of Canal Street looks toward the lake, with the St. Charles/Royal Street intersection in the foreground.  There is about one streetcar in each direction in each block on the inner tracks, with two cars on the outer riverbound track in the center foreground waiting to turn into St. Charles Street to begin their runs uptown.  These are probably on the Freret and the South Claiborne lines.  The lakebound outer track (on our right) in this block was used by Gentilly, Desire, and City Park cars, but unfortunately, none of them are present at this moment.  Note the four-track crossover in this block of Canal.  All the streetcars in view are arch-roof types from the 800-900 series (or possibly the 400 series).  We again see Maison Blanche dominating the skyline of this view.  Somewhat closer, we can see signs for D. H. Holmes and for Maison Maurice, then a lighter sign saying Imperial Shoe Store.  In the right foreground is the sign for Marks Isaacs Co., and at the right edge of the picture, the sign pointing to the nearby Monteleone Hotel.  In the left foreground, just above the sign that says Diamonds, is part of one pointing up St. Charles Street to the St. Charles Hotel.  (This picture comes from a real-photo postcard. The blotchy appearance of the sky appears to be retouching applied to the negative before the picture was printed.)

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