Picture 231.

Canal at Camp/Chartres, looking in toward the Custom House in the right background.  Car 406 is at the left, using the inner track outbound on the Tulane Belt line.  We know it is 406, and not 806 or 906, by the position of the advertising sign on the front dash.  At the right of the center, car 413 is on the inbound inner track, heading for the loop, also on the Tulane Belt.  Note the track curves in the foreground, connecting the outer track on Canal Street to the tracks on Camp Street.  The curve at the right was used by the Magazine line to enter Canal Street for the one-block run to Magazine Street at the Canal Street end of the line; however, no Magazine cars are in sight just now.  The automobiles date this picture to the 1930s or early '40s.  The Lions Club must have been having a convention, for which the city displayed their logo and banners on the light poles.  The National Convention of the Lions was held in New Orleans July 22-25, 1941, so that is most likely the date of this picture.  We see that the gentlemen are mostly wearing suits and hats, despite the summer heat.  (My thanks to Larry Lovejoy for providing the information on the Lions convention, and to Morris Hill for pointing out the information on the advertising signs of 400-, 800-, and 900-series cars.)

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