Pictures 234, 234.3, 234.6, and 235.

South Claiborne cars 920, 925, and 906 star in these pictures as they board passengers on the outer track of Canal Street prior to turning right and following St. Charles Street up to Lee Circle.  The date of the first three photos is June 10, 1947.  In the upper picture, we also see a Cemeteries, West End, or Tulane car on our right, on the inner lakebound track, stopped at the Carondelet/Bourbon intersection.  Three streetcars and two White buses show in the second picture.  At the right is a car on one of the Canal lines, West End or Cemeteries.  In the center is car 920 on the S. Claiborne line, with the motorman looking to his right to be sure he has a clear track to turn to his right up St. Charles Street.  In the background, between those two streetcars, we see another on either the Desire or the Gentilly line, turning from the outer lakebound track into Bourbon Street.  And at our left, there are two White buses, the front one signed for the Freret line.  Freret had been converted from streetcars to buses temporarily on Dec. 1, 1946, while trolley coach wires were built for its reconversion to TCs on Sept. 3, 1947.  The third picture also shows a Desire or Gentilly car on the outer lakebound track, stopped for passengers before turning right into the Vieux Carré on Bourbon Street.  Note the station wagon at the left edge of the third picture, with what appears to be a wood body.  This is the first all-steel station wagon, introduced in 1946 by Willys Overland.  The steel body was painted to look like the traditional wood station wagon body.  (Thanks to Morris Hill for the information on the Willys.)  The fourth picture features S. Claiborne car 906 preparing to turn up St. Charles Street, with Tulane car 443 waiting to continue in toward the loop.  Behind car 443 we see a West End or Cemeteries car.  This photo is a little earlier than the other three, dating to March 10, 1943.  Note the double trolley wire over car 906.  This eliminated the need for the trolley contact to pass over switches in the trolley wire. Fred Victor DuBrutz photos (first three), Waldemar Sievers photo (bottom)





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