Pictures 236, 237, and 238.

For over 50 years, from Feb. 19, 1900 to Jan. 8, 1951, the St. Charles and Tulane lines operated as belts, with St. Charles being the clockwise side of the loop, and Tulane the counter-clockwise side.  Putting it another way, cars leaving Canal Street for St. Charles Ave. were marked St. Charles, and cars leaving Canal Street for Tulane Ave. were marked Tulane.  One small difference was that, after the 1929 rebuilding of the Canal Street trackage, Tulane served the loop at the foot of Canal, while St. Charles did not.  In the upper picture, we are looking out at car 407.  Cars 402 and 841 are working in the middle picture, which also looks toward the lake.  The lower picture features car 424, looking in toward the river.  All three pictures were taken on Canal Street at University Place on Tuesday, June 10, 1947.  Car 841 is on the West End line, and the other cars are signed for St. Charles.  They had come in to Canal Street via Tulane Ave. and S. Liberty Street, and are operating on the outer track to Baronne St., where they will turn uptown to Howard Ave. to return to St. Charles Ave. at Lee Circle.  Note the wood-bodied station wagon parked at the curb on the right in the bottom picture. Fred Victor DuBrutz photos




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