Picture 240.

After Jan. 8, 1951, when the St. Charles and Tulane lines were separated, St. Charles cars used Carondelet to approach Canal Street, then came in one block as seen here and turned up St. Charles Street to return to Lee Circle, as the line still operates today.  This photo looks out toward the lake from St. Charles Street.  Car 892 at our left, signed St. Charles, is just about to turn off of Canal Street to begin its next upbound (outbound) run.  Car 920 at our right is outbound on the Canal line.  It is probably December; note the light pole decorated as a Christmas tree with a star on top, at the right, and the winter coats and jackets on the people.  Car 892 was scrapped in February 1955, so this photo must have been taken in December of 1951 to 1954.


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