Pictures 242.5 and 242.6.

These two pictures were probably taken by the same photographer a few minutes apart, but we do not know his name.  The upper photo was taken from the ferry walkway, and the lower from street level.  In each picture, there is a Tulane car at the left, starting to make its way around the loop.  The other three tracks are used for layover after cars come around the loop.  The second track from the left holds Cemeteries cars; West End cars appear on the next track, while the rightmost track holds Tulane cars.  From left to right, the upper photo features cars 437 on Tulane, 871 on Cemeteries, 827 on West End, with 418 on Tulane at the right.  The lower photo shows cars 402 on Tulane at the left, then 857 on Cemeteries, 870 on West End, and 448 on Tulane.  These pictures probably were taken in the late 1940s.  Looking at the right side of the upper photo, note how cars on the center tracks are spaced only about a block apart.  There was certainly plenty of service!



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