Pictures 242 and 242.2.

Three arch-roof cars await departure time on the layover tracks at the foot of Canal Street in each of these pictures.  In the upper photo, car 443, built by Southern Car Co., is run number 7 on the Tulane Belt line.  Brill-built cars 852 and 864 are on Canal Street lines: 852 is run 33 on the long West End line, and 864 is run 3 on the Canal-Cemeteries line.  When they depart, 443 and 864 will take the crossovers to switch to the lakebound inner track, on which 852 is waiting.


In the lower photo, dated April 1937, we see Brill-built car 815 on Tulane Belt at the left, holding down run number 32, and showing a Car House destination sign.  Perley Thomas car 901 on the center track is West End run number 53, and Thomas-built car car 926 at the right is Cemeteries run number 4.  At the far right of the lower photo, we see the fourth track, leading to the loop.  This is a rare photo of car 901 in passenger service.  On November 15, 1949, cars 901 and 917 collided head-on in fog on the West End line, and were retired.


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