Pictures 243 and 243.5.

Tulane cars 422 and 449, highest number of its class, lay over on Canal after traversing the loop, probably some time in the 1940s.  Through the windows, we can clearly see the varnished wood slat seat backs common to all the arch roof motor cars in New Orleans.  The cars are on the outer lakebound track.  When they depart for their next runs out Tulane Ave., they will take the crossover (out of sight in front of the cars) to the inner track, which they will follow out to Saratoga Street to Tulane Ave.  Notice the sign for the New Orleans Branch Factory behind the cars—whatever that is!  Unfortunately, 1940s color photography did not always produce perfect results or long-lasting stability, as can be seen by comparing these two pictures.  They appear to have been taken by the same photographer standing in the same spot at about the same time, but they have different printing histories, and so have different color stabilities.

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