Pictures 244 and 245.

These 1931 pictures were taken at the loop at the foot of Canal Street as the cars, having traversed the loop, awaited departure time for their next trips.  In the upper photo, rebuilt “Palace” car 608 is serving the West End line, one of the group of lines that operated the length of Canal Street.  “Palace” cars 600-617 were rebuilt in 1923 as shown here, with steel-sheathed sides, larger platforms, air-operated doors, and equipment for trailer hauling for rush hour service on the Canal Street lines.  The lower photo shows another of the rebuilt “Palace” cars pulling one of the trailers used in this service, “Coleman” trailer 528.  The “Coleman” trailers 525-536 were built in 1891 by the H. Dudley Coleman & Co. Foundry for the New Orleans City & Lake RR Co. for train service on the West End line (and later the Spanish Fort line).  They had several modern features, such as their length (52 feet), double trucks, and arch roofs.  They were rebuilt several times over their service lifetime, the last time in 1923 to this appearance.  The “Colemans” were among the last trailers in New Orleans, being scrapped in 1934.

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