Picture 248.

This photograph, dated Saturday, July 1, 1933, shows us Canal Street below the end of the streetcar tracks, toward the river.  From 1904 to 1925, double track was present here to take streetcars to the ferry landing.  In the middle distance, just left of center, we can see the Liberty Monument, around which streetcars looped.  At the right is the covered pedestrian walkway to the ferry terminal.  The Louisville & Nashville Railroad depot is to the right, behind the ferry walkway.  Incidentally, at the beginning of the movie A Streetcar Named Desire, this is the spot where Blanche exits the railroad depot and a kindly sailor helps her find the right streetcar, a “streetcar named Desire.”  The only problem is that playwright Tennessee Williams got the directions backwards!  Blanche says she has been told to take a Desire streetcar and transfer to one marked Cemeteries, and sure enough, a Desire streetcar comes around the loop and she boards — an obviously staged shot.  But Desire cars never ran to the loop.  The correct directions would have been to take a car marked Cemeteries and transfer to one named Desire.  But it sounds better the way Williams wrote it!


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