Pictures 249 and 250.

This aerial view of the city features Canal Street diagonally from the river (lower center-left) out toward the lake (upper right).  The upper view is from a colored linen postcard; the lower is from a real photo postcard, and so is sharper, but is only black-and-white.  In both pictures, uptown (upriver) is to the left, downtown (downriver) to the right.  On the river, we see a traditional paddlewheel riverboat at the left (compare it to the one in Picture 1), the Canal Street ferry (cars and pedestrians) in the middle, and an oceangoing freighter at the right.  Just inland of the ferry and the freighter's dock we can see the Louisville & Nashville Railroad depot, and to its left, the pedestrian walkway that led from Canal Street up to second story level to the ferry building.  Just left of the depot we can see the grassy shape of the streetcar loop, with numerous streetcars spread along the street out from that point.  The Vieux Carré (French Quarter) is to the right of Canal, although from this vantage point, one cannot get the true flavor of the Quarter.  The tall buildings of the financial district show on the uptown side of Canal Street (to our left).  The largest building to the right of Canal is Maison Blanche, which blocks our view of Canal Street for a distance; beyond it, we see the grassy neutral ground that is found on Canal beyond Claiborne.  In the distance, we seem to be able to see all the way to Lake Ponchartrain, although that may be darkroom trickery.  In fact, Canal Street does not extend out that far. Louisiana News Co. (upper)

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