Pictures 251, 252, 252.3, and 252.6.

The terminal of the St. Claude line on N. Rampart St. at Canal St.  The upper picture features Perley Thomas car 1001.  The second picture shows St. Louis Car Co. car 1010 at the same location.  The photographers were standing on the lake side of Rampart, facing in toward the river.  The cars have stopped short of the crossover that will be used to reverse direction, and have discharged their passengers.  The third picture features car 1016, another of the St. Louis cars, at the same spot, but the photographer is standing with his back to Canal St, facing down Rampart St.  The crossover can be seen in the foreground.  In the fourth picture, Perley Thomas car 1003 has pulled up to the passenger shelter, and the conductor is loading passengers while the motorman changes trolley poles to reverse direction.  Note how the shelter sticks out into the traffic lanes.  The shelter was unique on Canal Street, but it was very useful in the New Orleans climate, with its hot sun and frequent rain showers.  All of these pictures except the first are dated June 10, 1947.  The first picture probably dates from some time in the 1940s. Fred Victor DuBrutz photos (except first photo)

Cars 1000-1019 were the highest refinement of the Perley Thomas arch roof streetcar in New Orleans.  Unfortunately, there were so few of them that St. Claude was the only line that could make good use of their high speed motors in daytime base service.  Cars 1000-1009 were built by the Perley Thomas Car Co., and 1010-1019 by the St. Louis Car Co.  All were scrapped when St. Claude was converted to trolley coaches in 1949.





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