Picture 256.5.

The financial district on Carondelet Street, looking up, away from Canal Street.  Brill-built car 892 is turning from Carondelet onto the outer Canal Street track on the St. Charles line.  Note the switch in the Carondelet Street track.  During the days of the St. Charles-Tulane Belt lines, Tulane cars took the switch to the inner Canal Street track so that they could go all the way in to the loop at the foot of Canal.  At this time, in the 1950s, that switch was no longer in regular use.  The track at the right, which once carried streetcars up Carondelet from Canal, is now out of use, with Carondelet a one-way street; in fact, although the track is intact all the way to Howard Ave., it no longer has a trolley wire.  One block back on Carondelet Street, we can see a Freret trolley coach stopped at Common Street.  (The lower picture is a detail view from the upper.) Collection of Earl Hampton

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