Pictures 257 and 257.1.

TThe corner of Canal and St. Charles/Royal.  The upper photo is dated July 20, 1954.  A Freret trolley coach in red and cream livery is loading passengers at the curb, while a St. Charles streetcar on the outer track and Canal car 950 on the inner track do the same.  The lower photo features a glimpse of a Freret trolley coach at our left, St. Charles car 806 on the outer track, and Canal cars 920 and 930 on the inbound and outbound middle tracks, loading passengers.  It is Christmas shopping season (so probably December), some time in the early 1950s; note the Christmas decorated light pole.  Both the Freret coach and the St. Charles car will turn right and proceed up St. Charles Street to Lee Circle.  Note the huge signs for some of the more important businesses, such as Stevens and Mayer Israel's in this block, and Godchaux's in the next. Collections of Stephen M. Scalzo (upper) and of the author (lower)



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