Pictures 259.3 and 259.6.

On February 16, 1948, a visiting couple from Philadelphia took these snapshots of Canal Street.  The photographer is standing on the Canal Street neutral ground between Basin/Elk and Rampart Streets.  The upper picture faces in toward the river, the lower picture faces out toward the lake.  Car 932 at right in the upper picture is probably a Cemeteries or West End car, heading toward the Liberty Monument loop at the foot of Canal.  The lower picture features a 400-class car at the left, serving the St. Charles Belt line, on the outer track, heading in toward Baronne Street.  The Joy Theater is at the corner of Canal and Elk Place, and the Krause store at the right is on the corner of Canal and Basin Street.  The Southern Railway terminal is out of the picture to the right.  Notice the decorated light pole on the neutral ground, probably part of the Mardi Gras celebration of one of the Krewes.  (The Mardi Gras Season in New Orleans begins with Twelfth Night, twelve days after Christmas, so February is right in the middle of the Season.)

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