Pictures 276 and 276.2.

Just to the photographer's right from Picture 275, he had the view in the upper picture here.  The wall at the right is the lake-side wall of the main Canal Station building.  The sign on the wall reads: “Positively no admittance with out order from office of superintendent”.  There were only these two tracks on this side of the building, the right one marked as track #17.  The track on which car 944 is standing (it would be track #18) has no trolley wire, and the car is permanently out of service.  (The car was reported to have suffered a fire some time in 1963, and it did not survive the end of Canal line service the following year.)  This picture was also taken Sunday, Aug. 25, 1963.


The lower photo, taken in June 1963, shows a closer view of out-of-service car 944.  Its trucks have been taken out from under the body, and the car is standing on cribbing.  It is apparently being cannibalized for parts.


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