Pictures 280.3 and 280.5.

For many years, Canal Station had a car storage yard in the square block bounded by Iberville, Gayoso, Bienville, and White Streets.  The tracks into this block extended from those in the block that contained the car barn and the yards next to it (the block viewed in the previous several pictures).  Here are two views of that storage yard, taken on June 10, 1947.  In the top picture, the closest car is 853, signed simply Car House.  At the right is 832, which had borne a patriotic livery during the second World War (see Picture 306), and which survives today in a museum; it is signed for St. Claude, so it had probably been used most recently as a tripper on that line.  The only other car number that can be made out is 804, at the left rear.  The lower picture features car 889 signed for the Desire Line, which also ran from this station.  It appears to be at the very back of the yard, with a clear view to the houses on the other side of Canal Street.  During the trolley coach era, the rails were removed from this square, and it was paved and given twin-wire overhead for use by the trolley coaches of the City Park and St. Claude lines. Fred Victor DuBrutz photos



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