Picture 280.7.

This is the car storage yard from the other direction, compared to Pictures 277-280, after the next square (seen in Pictures 280.3 and 280.5) was converted to trolley coach storage.  We are looking at five of the six storage tracks, #1 through #5 or #2 through #6, this time from left to right.  A shadow of the trolley coach overhead can be seen on the pavement in the foreground (Iberville Street).  The cars lined up at the end of the tracks are, left to right, 931, 939, 933, 952, and another 900-class car.  Car 931 is signed Car House Canal, which would be typical.  But interestingly enough, 939 is signed Car House St. Charles (the St. Charles line was not usually represented at Canal Station), and the next two are marked Special.  (The last car at the right does not have a sign visible in the picture.) Collection of Earl Hampton


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