Pictures 289, 289.5, 290, 291, 292, and 292.2.

These pictures show the outer terminus of the Canal line shortly after the abandonment of the West End line in January 1950.  In the first picture, outbound Canal car 928 is on the side-of-the-road track at Julia St., about to turn.  The next picture shows outbound Canal car 927 turning from City Park Ave. into Julia St., approaching the terminus.  Greenwood Cemetery is seen the other side of the streetcar.  The third, fourth, and fifth pictures show cars 900, 905, and 941 after they have changed ends.  They are ready to begin their next inbound trips to the river.  These three photos face towards Lake Pontchartrain.  Greenwood Cemetery is on the right, the former location of the New Basin Canal is on the other side of the streetcar, and Metairie Cemetery is beyond that.  The canal was being filled in so that its right-of-way could be used for the Pontchartrain Expressway.  The picture of car 900 is dated September 27, 1950, but the car is signed Cemeteries rather than Canal.  The sixth picture shows car 941 just after it has pulled away from the terminus, about to turn into the side-of-the-road trackage along City Park Ave to return to Canal Street.  The building behind the streetcar is the office of the Acme Marble & Granite Company. The third picture is from the collection of William Nixon.  The fourth picture is by William Cleaves, collection of Seashore Trolley Museum, courtesy of Leo Sullivan.  The second, fifth, and sixth pictures are by D. R. Toye, S. J., Kenner Train Shop (Chris Rodriguez) collection, courtesy of Mike Palmieri, who also wrote part of this caption.







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