Pictures 292.5, 292.6, and 292.7.

In the top photo, cars 932 and 912 are at the Canal line terminal on Julia Street just north of City Park Avenue in June 1951.  We are looking to the south.  At our right, car 912 is just starting its inbound run to the river, preparing to turn left into City Park Avenue.  Car 932 is starting to move forward (toward the camera) to the crossove that will switch it to the right-hand track.  Note the path, where West End inbound tracks have been removed.  The middle picture, dated May 27, 1950, and the bottom picture, taken around the same time, show car 914 at the terminal.  The bottom picture is facing the opposite direction from the other two, looking in the direction of the lake.  It is clear that the outbound track has been cut off since removal of the West End trackage, and in the bottom photo, we can clearly see that there was a track in between the inbound and outbound tracks for the Canal-Cemeteries cars to lay over without blocking West End cars.  The West End inbound track had connected at the switch in the foreground, but now has been cut off and removed.  Julia Street on this side of City Park Ave. is mostly streetcar right-of-way. Otto Goessl photos




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