Pictures 293.6, 293.7, and 293.8.

The first two of these photos are facing about the same direction as the previous picure, during 5 p.m. rush hour.  Those two were taken in May 1951, apparently just a few minutes apart, from the north side of Metairie Road/City Park Ave.  The third picture was taken around the same time, but from the south side of the street.  Note the long line of motor traffic, including Metairie buses 1603 and 1605, waiting to cross the bridge into Metairie, while the streetcars have a clear route between Canal Street and Julia Street.  The streetcar in the upper photo is moving toward the camera, the one in the second picture, car 937, is moving away, back toward Canal Street; it might, or might not, be the same streetcar.  The third photo gives an overall view of the scene, so that we can see the relative positions of the east- and west-bound motor traffic, with the east- and west-bound streetcar traffic. Otto Goessl photos (top and middle)




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