Pictures 298.3, 298.5, and 298.7.

In the top picture of this group, taken Tuesday, November 1, 1952, Canal car 906 has just arrived at the Cemeteries terminal and has discharged its passengers through the left front door onto the center platform.  The middle picture, taken in November 1960, features car 931.  It has been prepared for the return trip to the foot of Canal, and the crew has closed the doors to take a break.  They will shortly open up and load the waiting passengers.  The car is operating with experimental steel doors.  Even though it is November, short sleeves and no jackets or coats seem to be in order.  The bottom picture is dated Friday, January 1, 1960, and shows cars 934 (to our left) and 942 (to our right), also ready for departure.  At this moment, car 934 is loading passengers, so it will be the next car to leave.  We can see the conductor of 934 busily at work, while one of the crew of 942 leans in his car's doorway and kibitzes.

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