Pictures 302.1 and 302.2.

These two photos show Canal cars leaving the cemeteries terminal, beginning their runs to the foot of Canal Street.  The upper picture, dated April 18, 1958, features car 929 just beginning to pull out (at our left), with 944 on the right, awaiting the next pullout time.  We have a good look at the double track scissors crossover.  The lower picture shows car 922 leaving the Cemeteries terminal.  The terminal at the end of the line has the form it took in 1951.  Notice the gasoline prices at the left edge of the lower photo.  The automobile at the left is a 1952 Kaiser, and the taxi at the right is a 1951 or 1952 Plymouth.  So the date of the lower picture must be early 1950s, probably in the range 1952 to 1954. Louis Hennick collection (lower)



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