Picture 303.

The four track terminus at the liberty Monument, Wednesday, June 10, 1959, looking in toward the river from Peters.  The 928 (run 15) and 910 (run 16) will be the next two cars out; the 910 will take the crossover in front of it to move to the inner track.  In the right foreground is the crossover taken by all riverbound cars, leading to the loop.  These cars are typical of the 800-972 series, built 1922-1924, designed by the Perley A. Thomas Car Co. of High Point, North Carolina.  Thomas built 25 of the 800s and all 73 of the 900s; the other 75 of the 800s were built by the larger Brill Car Co. of Philadelphia.  In 1959, about 85 of these cars continued to provide service on the Canal and St. Charles lines. N. D. Clark


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