Picture 304.5.

It's a busy moment at the loop at the foot of Canal Street on Nov. 27, 1953.  At the far right, a car displaying run number 39 is on the outer track; it will be the next car to leave the terminal, switching to the inner track when it departs.  Immediately to its left, on the inner track, car 937, run 40, awaits its turn.  Presumably, another Canal car is behind the photographer (run 41).  To our far left, the motorman of car 936, run 42, watches the small crowd of pedestrians carefully as he prepares to pull forward and traverse the loop.  Behind car 936, another Canal car, run 43, is in the act of switching from the inner track to the outer, as car 936 has already done.  The Custom House is prominent in the background to the right. Nick Mumphrey photo, collection of Earl Hampton

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