Picture 311.7.

Tulane car 409 is approaching the loop on the outer track, as an 800-class car starts around the loop ahead of it (in the right background).  After it rounds the loop, 409 will probably come into this scene on the far left track, the outer lakebound track.  Canal Cemeteries cars 851 and 897 await their next outbound runs on the tracks to the left of the 409.  Curiously, 897 carries the usual Cemeteries route sign above its center end window, but 851 (on the same route) carries a Canal route sign in the center and a Cemeteries destination sign above its right front window.  Technically, the route was called Canal-Cemeteries, but for most purposes, it was referred to simply as Cemeteries.  July 23, 1947. Fred Victor DuBrutz photo


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