Pictures 321 and 322.

In the upper picture, car 940, run number 10, at the left on the inner lakebound track, is just about to depart as car 913, run 12, at the right, begins its trip around the loop.  We can see the conductor of 913 in the rear window of his car.  The lower picture was taken a few minutes later.  We see that 913 has taken the outer track for its layover, and the following car, number 939, run 14, has circled the loop and pulled up on the inner track next to 913.  (Probably the odd run numbers were assigned to rush-hour trippers.)  We have good views, especially in the upper picture, of the ladder track that connected the ends of all four tracks.  Clearly, it could have been used as a stub-end terminal, with cars pulling up and reversing ends.  That might have been used in a situation in which the loop was blocked, but it must have been a rare-if-ever used maneuver.  These pictures were taken in the early 1960s. Railway Negative Exchange (both)

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