Pictures 329, 329.3, 329.6, 330, and 330.5.

These five views of the four track terminus were taken from the ferry walkway, and look out from the river.  The top picture was taken during the Mardi Gras season, showing a decorated light pole at our left.  We see two Canal cars on the loop, but little traffic, probably because it is a Sunday, Frebruary 19, 1950.  In the second picture, dated Friday, Jan. 31, 1964, a riverbound car on the outer track is about to start around the loop.  Two other cars, having traversed the loop, are about to start their outbound runs, one on the inner track, followed by a car on the outer track (which will switch to the inner before reaching Peters).  A GMC bus is just crossing the neutral ground.  The third photo, taken Friday afternoon April 18, 1958, features car 944 on the inner track next to the roof of the underground shelter, with 929 a bit ahead on the outer track, and another car visible between those two, on the outer riverbound track approaching the loop.  In the fourth view, from Wednesday, April 29, 1964, a riverbound car is taking the crossover to the outer track.  Lakebound cars lay over on two tracks after traversing the loop, while the next car out has proceeded to Peters to begin its run to the cemeteries.  In the left center foreground, we can see some patchwork around the switches connecting to the loop and the layover tracks.  The bottom view, from Saturday, November 1, 1952, shows no fewer than six Canal cars in the layover area.  We have a good view of the Liberty Monument, and even a glimpse of the ferry walkway, on which the photographer is standing. Otto Goessl (top), Bill Armstrong (second), Al Reinschmidt (fourth)






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