Picture 335.

On a quiet Sunday, Aug. 25, 1963, there is only one streetcar in view, so we get a good overall look at the loop at the foot of Canal Street.  The Liberty Monument is in the center, with the streetcar loop around it.  Note the dashed line in the street around the track, warning automobile drivers of the overhang of the streetcar body as the car moves around the tight curve; compare to the line in Picture 332, just a few years earlier.  We can see the ladder track that connects the ends of all four tracks, and the top of the carmen's shelter just to its left.  The cross street at the left center is S. Front, with Wells Street across Canal to the right.  The next cross street out is Fulton on the left (uptown), and N. Front on the right (downtown).  The street that is almost parallel to Canal, converging at S. Front, is Common Street (out from Rampart, this street is Tulane Avenue).  This scene is very different today; S. Front has become Convention Center, and now carries much more traffic in the redeveloped riverfront area.  The track from left to right across the foreground of the picture is a railroad track in Delta Street.  The streetcar tracks were a different gauge, so no connection was possible.

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