Pictures 347.5 and 347.7.

The upper picture features Canal car 933, with 940 leading it, at LaSalle Street.  Note the Mardi Gras parade float in the roadway to the right, the Mardi Gras colored globes on some of the street lights, and the 1950s-popular two-tone paint scheme on the automobile just to the right of car 933.  In the lower picture, Canal cars 938 (outbound) and 920 (inbound, with another streetcar in front of it) pass a maintenance or construction vehicle (on the neutral ground, at left) along Canal Street near Basin Street/Elk Place.  These pictures are dated February 1958, just a few days after completion of the new trackwork, so the vehicle at the left is probably involved in some last minute construction details.  The Lowe's Theater sign can be seen in the background.

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