Pictures 385 and 386.

The modern skyline of New Orleans, looking toward the river (apparently with a telephoto lens) from a few blocks out from Rampart Street.  In the upper, earlier picture, note the familiar Loew's Theater sign at the near right.  Canal Street buses in the neutral ground lanes are almost as frequent as the streetcars had been.  But Maison Blanche is no longer the tallest building in the view.  The Marriott Hotel has joined the great old hotels of New Orleans (for example, see the old St. Charles Hotel in Pictures 51 through 58, the newer St. Charles in Pictures 137 through 141, the old Royal in Pictures 152 through 156, the Monteleone in Picture 158, and the Grunewald in Picture 166, and note the Jung at the right in this picture).  To the right, near the river on the uptown side of Canal Street, is the new International Trade Mart.  The lower picture, postmarked July 1985, shows yet another prominent new high rise hotel, the Sheraton. Grant L. Robertson (both)

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