Pictures 391, 392, and 393.

Three views of St. Charles streetcars on Canal Street, about 1972.  When the Canal line was dieselized, 35 of the 900-series Perley A. Thomas cars were retained to provide service on St. Charles.  They were rebuilt with modern materials and methods, and in 1972 were converted to one-man operation.  One of the more obvious changes was the use of rubber mountings and rounded corners on the upper windows and doors.  The windows were standard stock GMC bus parts.  Note the bus lanes on the neutral ground, occupied by GMC and Flxible diesel buses serving the Canal Street lines.  These views are looking out toward Carondelet/Bourbon.  The bottom view, showing car 907, was taken Friday, September 15, 1972. Mac Miller (middle); bottom view © 2001 Peter Ehrlich, used with permission

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