Pictures 394 through 397.

In July 1997, construction of the connecting track was under way.  These pictures give a sampling of the activity.  The top picture looks toward the river on a block which has been graded and is ready for concrete to be poured in the right hand (riverbound) lane.  As can be seen, the entire neutral ground was dug out to earth and rebuilt, providing a solid foundation for the track to be laid.  The second picture looks out from Decatur across the neutral ground toward Camp St.  Rails are being laid in this block.  The third picture gives a closeup of the rails and their supports.  This construction is different from that used in previous Canal Street trackage, such as the 1929 and 1957 rebuildings.  The fourth picture was taken at Carondelet Street looking in, toward the river.  It shows the special work for the crossovers that connect the new tracks to the old outer track of the St. Charles line. Photos by the author

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