Pictures 398 through 401.

It is December 1997, and the new connecting track has just been completed.  In order to test the new tracks, Perley Thomas car 963, sometimes sporting a “Not In Service” sign on its dash, has switched over from the St. Charles line.  The car is displaying a St. Charles route sign, but that sign is meaningless.  These are sights not seen since the last Canal car, 972, left the old Canal line tracks for the final time in 1964.  In the second picture, the car has passed the turn-back switch between Baronne/Dauphine and Carondelet/Bourbon, and has changed ends preparing to return toward the river.  The track ends just behind the car.  The third picture shows St. Charles car 971, decked out in Christmas holly garlands, turning from Carondelet onto the outer Canal St. track to start its next run toward St. Charles Ave., while test car 963 waits for the traffic light.  The fourth picture shows the test car proudly passing the old Custom House building. — Earl Hampton photos

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