Pictures 425 and 426.

The operator's control stations in the Von Dullen cars.  The upper picture was taken in the prototype car 2001 on August 6, 2003.  The lower picture was taken in production car 2008 on March 18, 2005.  For many years, streetcar motormen and conductors sat (when they could) on small, backless stools.  Now in New Orleans, they have relatively luxurious padded seats with backs.  (Customers still sit on wood slat seats.)  On the left console in both pictures, the handle closest to the camera has three positions for reverse, off, and forward.  The next handle serves to control both acceleration (push forward) and braking (pull back).  The console under the center window contains switches for doors, lights, etc., and assorted warning lights to inform the operator of the condition of the car.  In the lower picture, another box can be seen at the far right, which contains a microphone, a telephone-type handset, and controls for the car PA system.  The production cars have a sliding cover for the panel, which is closed when control is at the other end of the car.  Note the locks on the cover, the control handle, and the PA box on car 2008.  The foot pedal operates an electrically-driven gong. Photos by the author

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