Pictures 427 and 428.

Construction in progress on Canal Street, Thursday, August 7, 2003.  These pictures were taken from the intersection of Roman and Canal Streets, two blocks out from Claiborne Ave., where the overpass carries Interstate 10 traffic above grade.  The top picture looks in toward Claiborne, and the bottom picture looks out.  Note the steel poles set to carry the trolley wires.  It is unusual in New Orleans for them to also support the street lights, as they are doing here.  Span wires are strung between a pair of poles all the way from the river to this point, while center poles are the general rule from about the next street (Prieur St.) out toward the terminal.  The tracks bend at Prieur to make a wider space (the devil strip) between them.  (In the old trackage that was removed in 1964, that happened at Claiborne Ave.)  The neutral ground is not as wide as it was up until 1964; the demands of automobile traffic have required its reduction. Photos by the author

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