Pictures 461 through 465.

Operation at the pocket track at the foot of Canal Street on a typical weekday, Friday March 18, 2005, looking out toward the lake.  In the top picture, car 2018, operating as Canal-Cemeteries run 10, pulls into the pocket track at the end of its run, while the previous car glimpsed at the right begins its run out Canal Street.  The second picture shows car 2018 pulling forward onto the outbound track, where it will change ends and trolley poles and load passengers.  Meantime, the next car, 2002, run 04, pulls into the pocket track.  The third picture shows 2018 starting its run to the Cemeteries.  In the fourth picture, 2002 takes its turn pulling onto the outbound track to prepare for its return trip.  The bottom picture shows 2002 in the process of changing ends, with both trolley poles momentarily raised, as the next car, 2003, arrives at the pocket track.  Note the car stop sign between the tracks, best seen at the left in the top picture; this is typical of the signs on the new Canal line.  The automobiles on the neutral ground are RTA official cars. Photos by the author

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