Pictures 468, 469, and 470.

The French Market terminal looking uptown (upriver), Friday March 18, 2005.  There are three terminal tracks: from the river (to our left), tracks A, B, and C.  Signs designate track A for Canal-Cemeteries cars, track B for Riverfront cars, and track C for Canal-City Park cars.  However, Canal-Cemeteries cars no longer come to this terminalóbut no one has (yet?) changed the signs.  Nonetheless, Riverfront cars use both tracks A and B.  Tracks A and B are connected in a double scissors crossover, while track C has a separate crossover and connection to the other two.  In the top picture, Canal-French Market/City Park car 2008 has just arrived on track C, and has both trolley poles up momentarily as the operator changes ends.  In the bottom picture, Riverfront car 460 has just arrived on track A.  The track to the left of track A is a standard gauge freight track. ó Photos by the author

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