Pictures 479, 480, and 481.

Canal-Cemeteries car 2005, run 03, has just arrived at its namesake Cemeteries terminus, March 18, 2005.  In the upper picture, we see the operator, after having discharged his outbound passengers, moving to put up the front trolley pole, and in the second picture, we see him a moment later pulling down the other pole.  Inside the car, he will reverse the passenger seats, lock the console on what is now the rear of the car, and unlock the front console, preparatory to loading passengers for the return trip to the foot of Canal Street.  The bottom picture gives the view toward the river, showing the inbound track which runs in the automobile traffic lane in to Anthony Street, where it turns into the neutral ground.  We can see the special traffic signals which stop auto traffic to allow the streetcar to safely enter the lane. Photos by the author

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