Pictures 492 through 496.

Earl Hampton captured these Perley Thomas cars the day after Christmas 2005, wearing their holiday decorations.  The top picture shows car 961 on Canal at Liberty.  This is the temporary outer terminal of the Canal line, between Liberty and Crozat.  The operator has already changed trolley poles, and the car is waiting to take the crossover to begin its return trip.  The second picture shows car 915 outbound at Basin Street.  In the third picture, we see car 915 inbound turning from Canal into Riverfront, heading toward the French Market terminal.  The fourth picture features cars 961 and 930 at the French Market terminal on (left to right) tracks B and A; the track closest to the camera is the standard gauge track of the freight railroad.  The roof of the terminal shelter can be seen behind the streetcars, and a corner of the old mint building can be seen in the left background.  The bottom picture shows car 965 waiting for passengers on track B at the terminal shelter. Earl Hampton photos

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