Pictures 497 through 500.

In the top picture, green Perley Thomas car 961 is inbound toward the river, passing the Custom House at Peters, just as it had done for many years prior to the ending of the original Canal line in 1964.  The second picture shows car 947 outbound, turning from Riverfront onto Canal Street, in front of the aquarium.  In the third picture, we see car 961 on Riverfront, with the St. Louis Cathedral in the background.  These three pictures were taken January 11, 2006.  The bottom picture shows us that Canal Street is coming back to life after the hurricane and flooding.  It features car 930 on Canal at Bourbon Street, outbound, the evening of January 10, 2006.  Note that the route signs show Special; the Perley Thomas cars no longer carry Canal on their roll signs (and never have carried Riverfront), since no one imagined they would ever run on Canal Street again. All © 2006 Peter Ehrlich, used with permission

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