Pictures 533 through 539.

In this series of pictures, we follow car 932 as it leaves the City Park terminal at Beauregard Circle and travels up N. Carrollton Ave. to Canal Street.  The date is May 23, 2007. photos by the author

In the top picture, we see the car just leaving the terminal, operating over the short stretch of single track.


In the second picture, the car waits for the traffic light, and in the third, it begins to move into the inbound main track.



In the fourth picture, the car has passed the photographer, who has turned around to face the rear of the car.


The fifth picture shows the car stopped for a traffic light on its way up N. Carrollton Ave.


The car turns from Carrollton into Canal Street in the sixth picture.  There is a special traffic signal to govern this turn.


The last picture features a closeup of the rear of the car after it has completed the turn onto Canal Street.  The little white sign attached to the window says City Park, and is the nearest thing to a destination sign in use on the cars.


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