Pictures 553 through 557.

When the carbarn at Canal Station (the Service, Inspection, and Storage Facility) was being built, it was expected to house the red Canal and Riverfront Von Dullen cars.  Here we see it as home to the green Perley Thomas cars, which in more normal times would never have ventured here from the St. Charles line and Carrollton Station.  The first picture shows cars 920 and 934 peeking out the front of the building, with 905 at the left rear.  The second view is from the other direction, and shows off cars 910, 905, and 972.  The third picture is of the outdoor storage tracks, with cars 968, 953, and 922 in view.  Note the metal arches over the outdoor tracks; these were salvaged from the old Canal Station carbarn when it was torn down to make room for the A. Philip Randolph building.  These three pictures show the Storage aspect of the SIS.  The fourth and fifth pictures show the Inspection and Service aspects.  We are looking at cars 971 (fourth picture) and 965 (fifth picture) standing over the modern service pit for inspection and servicing of their underbody components.  Most of the streetcars display a St. Charles or a blank route sign; there are no Canal or Riverfront selections on the roller. top four photos by Earl Hampton, March 18, 2008; fifth photo by the author, January 7, 2009






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