Pictures 564, 565, and 566.

For a while, meets between red Von Dullen cars and green Perley Thomas cars were common, but that ended when enough Von Dullen cars were back in service to take over the Canal line completely.  So here are meets from January 7, 2009, along Canal Street.  The top picture features inbound Von Dullen car 2008 and outbound Perley Thomas car 948 at Gayoso Street near Canal Station.  The second picture shows a meet between inbound 948 and outbound 2004 at Carrollton Avenue.  The third picture stars green car 962 and red car 2008.  In each case, the red Von Dullen car is serving the Canal-City Park line, and the green Perley Thomas car the Canal-Cemeteries line.  The second picture shows the problem with the doors of the Perley Thomas cars: as presently configured, the left front doors cannot be opened to board passengers from the concrete pad between the tracks, and passengers must stand between the neutral ground curb and the car in order to board.  In the Von Dullen cars, in contrast, the operators have control over all four doors, and can board and alight passengers from the concrete pad, as the car stop was designed to be used. upper photo by Earl Hampton, middle and lower photos by the author




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