Pictures 573 and 574.

Here are pictures of Canal-City Park car 2004 at both ends of its run, January 7, 2009.  The top picture shows the car at Beauregard Circle, the City Park-Museum end of the N. Carrollton branch line.  The car has just arrived, and the operator has not yet changed ends and trolley poles.  The second picture shows 2004 on the pocket track at the foot of Canal Street.  The operator, who is standing between the two cars, has just finished transferring her remaining passengers to Canal-Cemeteries car 962 for the trip to the French Market terminal.  Car 2004 had a problem with the trolley rope on the visible end of the car, so the run was cut short at the pocket track.  Eventually, a NORTA supervisor was able to repair the problem, and the car returned outbound on Canal from this point.  Note the casual NORTA practice about route signs: on one end, this car was showing a Canal route sign, and on the other end, a City Park route sign. upper photo by the author, lower photo by Earl Hampton



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