Pictures 123, 124, and 125.

These three pictures are looking out toward the lake.  The building with the small tower and pole is at Baronne Street.  In the top picture, which is from 1904, the closest car is single-truck FB&D car 206, lakebound on the outer track on the St. Charles Belt line.  Beyond it, a “Palace” car is riverbound on the inner track.  In the middle picture, two “Palace” cars operate on the inner tracks.  Here is another view of the ornate scroll work on the poles supporting the overhead system and the street lights.  The bottom picture features “Palace” car 014 heading out on the inner lakebound track.  The Robertson “Palace” cars were built by the St. Louis Car Co. in 1902, and operated until 1935.  Originally numbered 01-045 and 058-0137, they were renumbered 600-723 in 1918 (omitting 075, which had been wrecked). — Rotograph Co. (top), C. B. Mason (middle), Raphael Tuck & Sons (bottom)




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