Pictures 159 through 162.

Cars of the Perley Thomas/Brill 800-900 class make their way through the Vieux Carré.  The car in the upper picture, Brill-built car 879, is heading for Desire Street.  The second picture shows another Brill car, number 825, some time in 1942.  The third picture shows another car of this class, framed by the ornamental iron work for which the Vieux Carré is well known.  The bottom picture features car 832 on the Desire line in the early 1940s, dressed in a patriotic livery to advertise the sale of War Bonds during World War II.  For many years, these cars were the mainstay of the all the lines traversing the Quarter, including the Desire, Gentilly, and City Park lines along Royal and Bourbon Streets.  (The preserved car 453, from the Brill semi-convertible class, was never used on the Desire line, although it is often displayed with a Desire route sign.) Giant Card Co. (third picture)





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